5050CF.COM Review – SCAM ALERT Cash Gifting Or Pyramid Scam

5050cf.com Plan

5050cf.com crowdfunding operate with a 2x2 MLM matrix plan where you have to connect two person direct (ask for donation with 2 person). You have to join at a certain level, so that you are qualified to earn commissions on that.

Company promising we are not taking any money we are just charging only our software cost. Some people they love the business model and that’s all good, each to their own.


Who is behind this scheme ?

5050cf.com owner is  David Rosen who was running before that PIE 24/7 which is similar to the 50/5o Crowdfunding model but now closed.

There is no system G technology, there is no mobius loops technology, it’s just the David Rosen spin doctor talking. Ponzi slows down and RED ALERT to authorities to the Promoters!

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