Why bankers hate the cryptocurrency and why bank blocking crypto buyer seller account

Bankers have been against cryptocurrencies, they have incredible benefits over regular currencies. The banks are often sending email alerts about the extreme volatility of this currency and their potential to be used for money laundering.

kotak mahindra bank recently blocked crypto buyer and seller accounts.

Many banks have controlled  their customers from purchasing #cryptocurrency with their credit cards/ debit card as well as direct from crypto exchange.

FIAT money controlled by bankers.  Mostly world  financial firms don’t want to offer their services to #cryptocurrency companies due to the risk of  anti-money-laundering rules, or the expense of keeping up with those regulations.

RBI’s ban, Yes Bank, in an email to its customers said, “We prohibit the use of YES BANK – Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking, Digital Wallet towards purchase of or trading in virtual currencies.”


Future is Brighter Than Ever for Crypto, Says Roger Ver bitcoin.com owner


While speaking to Bloomberg, Ver was questioned about the longevity of cryptocurrencies. As a self-proclaimed “fundamentals investor,” Ver believes that “long-term the future is brighter than ever,” for cryptocurrencies, adding that there’s “more awareness,” “more adoption,” and “more stuff happening all over the world.”


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