Crypto Twitter Exposed -Nobody really knows anything about the market

Crypto Twitter is refreshing. There, you can find gems like this: “The fact that none of the crypto experts managed to predict the correct or even near the range price of Bitcoin, shows that nobody really knows anything about this market or which direction it’s headed to.” That pretty much sums it up. You can already see prophets backing away from 2019 prognostications. Thomas Lee of Fundstrat, perhaps the most bullish man on the planet, announced he’s done making forecasts. Others are following his lead or pushing out beyond end of 2019 as the new benchmark. It’s easy to poke fun at bad predictions that never materialize but the absence of price calls will be a net positive because it will manage expectations better and keep people off guard because fewer mental parameters have been established. Where will BTC be a year from now? No one knows – and that’s the beauty of it all. The markets are quiet this weekend but next year will be anything but. The long-awaited entrance of Fidelity & Bakkt should usher in new players over time. I had a lot of friends over the holidays ask me: “How do I get started? Where do I buy cryptos?” It’s easy to forget outside of this intense crypto community there are tens of millions of people on the sidelines wondering if this makes sense to them.

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