10 years jail in crypto fake article exposed

Recently one of well known media published one article about 10 years jail on buy/sale or crypto mining.

If the drafted bill becomes the law, cryptocurrency holders will have 90 days to declare and dispose of cryptocurrencies “in accordance with the prescription of central government.”

The penalty imposed on the accused, according to the bill,

After that same article viral on social media & it’s got international coverage by misleading headlines.

India’s draft bill proposes a 10-year jail sentence for using cryptocurrencies

India Proposes 10-Year Jail For Cryptocurrency Use, May Introduce Its Own Digital Currency

Social media reaction  after this article ?

After few hours of this articles indian crypto community react on news author

Guide to Indian #Cryptocurrency, abridged edition

Q: “Is Crypto banned in India?”
A: “No”

Q: “But X News says it will be banned”
A: “Quotes anonymous sources, its Clickbait FUD”

Q: “How will I know for sure?”
A: “Wait for Supreme Court’s notice”

By desicryptohodler

After that desicryptohodler exposed

Analysis of the Paid Bloomberg Article reporting ’10 years Jail for Crypto investors’

1. No source
2. Clickbait article that’s kept Paid
3. Even if it is true, it’s only a suggestion to govt, not official notice


Twitter handler pushpendrakum tweet


Why this article is looking like fake

1. Orignal source not available

2. Screen shot looking like fake

3. No any press release

4. It can be treated as a suggestion







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