A Nation where Pizza reaches home Faster than Ambulance

A Nation where Pizza reaches home faster than Ambulance and Police!
A nation where you get Car Loan @ 6% but Education Loan @ 12%!
A nation where Rice is Rs.4 but Sim card is Rs.10!

A nation where people standing at a tea stall reading an article in a newspaper about child labour can be heard saying “Yaar, bacchho se kaam karwane walo ko to faansi pe chadha dena chaahiye” (People who use child labour should be hanged) and then they shout “Oye, CHHOTU 3 chai la!” (Hey Chhotu, get us three teas – Chhotu being a nickname for a young boy and used as a surrogate for ‘waiter’).

This really sums up the pragmatic and entrepreneurial spirit of India that is being celebrated world over. Several books have been dedicated to it by business schools in the US.

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