Why Bitcoin down ? Is bitcoin going to $0 ?

Why Bitcoin dead ?

Bitcoin should be closed down for the following reasons. 1. It is extremely hard to use the coins in everyday purchases. Liquidity is bizarre. 2. No one really knows why it goes up or down. Suggests it may just be a con job. 3. Money launderers, drug dealers, and etc maybe using it actively as a way to wash currency. 4. Competition is coming as Facebook wants to go into its own crypto. Bitcoin has no credibility. 5.Taxes are involved in trading and many may not realize the situation they are in. Stop the nonsense and close it down.

1. It’s extremely easy. That’s why bitcoin wallets are the most used according to Blockchain.info

2. 1 BTC = 1 BTC. There is no such up and downs.

3. Bitcoin is a public ledger, which means is easier to track than cash.

4. Competition push innovation.

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